Increase performance

An improvement in motor function and coordination is achieved through a high repetition rate of football-specific response-decision-degree situations.

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Be fast or be last

In order to play faster and more precise, skills and coordination must be improved.

The challenge

Create a tool to enhance the strategic skills of football players - speed and precision.

The approach

The footbonaut. Simulation of football specific situations. Analysis, detection of personal weaknesses and strengths. Improvement

the result

The vibrant capability of Footbonaut Pro generates an average plus of 20% in speed an 22% in precision. Based on 80 training sessions.


The importance of Footbonaut.

Raphael Honigstein Expert in German football, in his famous book "Das Reboot" he wrote about Mario Gotze's gol in the World Cup Final against Argentina and the importance of the "Footbonaut" in such special gol.

HOW it works

Player receives signal

The player receives a signal from where he has to expect the ball.

Visual or audio signal

A visual or audio signal is generated at one of the 64 targets where the player has to play the ball through a square (between ground level to 3m height).

A computer measures time

A computer measures the time between the ball release from the launcher and the passing of the target.


Training time, altitude and speed of the ball as well as difficulty level can be customized.

Individual analysis

An individual analysis, benchmarking of players and teams is possible.


the result

20% + Speed

22% + Precision

Background Image

After 15 minutes of action inside the machine, a single player will receive and deliver balls as many times as equivalent to 1 week of normal training.