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The whole is more than the sum of its parts

GlobalSpeed’s expertise, experience and creativity are particularly evident in the innovative design of modern test, training and rehabilitation centres – the SpeedLab.

Numerous new Gyms, power rooms, practice rooms or therapy centres are being built worldwide. Often, the factors that are actually relevant to sportsmen and coaches are not taken into account. Those who not only want to string together individual training devices and functions but also wish to capture and improve the entire range of services of an athlete without leaving the central elements of modern athletics and game intelligence outside, must “the whole” of an athlete – at the SpeedLab.

A SpeedLab tests and trains multidirectional and linear speed, reaction, visual speed/perception, explosiveness, motion technology, cognitive speed and many other performance factors. From this multitude of factors, GlobalSpeed has created a unique concept. The networking of the GlobalSpeed systems enables highly efficient work for the entire trainer and care team. With our unique FootballSpeedLab, we achieve exactly the needs of the football industry.

SpeedCourt Permanent Installation

The SpeedCourt® offers optimal conditions for stimulating cognitive and motor speed: Reactive agility, multidirectional speed, cognitive speed, fast anticipation and decision-making behavior. The SpeedCourt® enables individual training and is proven to increase performance.


SpeedTrack Permanent Installation

The multifunctional laser Sensor System SpeedTrack® diagnoses and trains cyclic and acyclic speed forms. In various software variants, validated practice and test programs are available, the parameters of which can be individually adapted by the coach.

SpeedDMS Permanent Installation

Dynamic Movement Skills® is a methodology for professional athletes, children and adults. It is a training and rehabilitation concept which stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) as well as the peripheral nervous system (PNS). This helps to develop and refine the neuromuscular effectiveness and general motor skills.